We provide the most convenient payment solutions for global businesses to expand to Africa. We get people to pay you easily.

Betting & Online Gaming

With our infrastructure, collect payments using mobile money, cards and bank transfers. We make it easy for you to pay wining customers by creating multi-currency accounts saving you millions that would have gone to foreign exchange. These multi-million companies are currently using DusuPay to collect payments and pay winning customers.

Forex Trading & Financial Securities

Some of the challenges for online financial security companies in Africa is providing a means that is easy for Africa’s people to deposit money on their platforms and also for the people to quickly access their winnings. With DusuPay, we solve this by providing a payment infrastructure that enables instant collections and payouts.

Tours, Travel & Online Booking

The tourism industry is a billion dollar industry and Africa has some of the most breath taking scenery and wild life. With clients all over the world, bring them closer to the Masai Mara, the source of the famous Nile River or take fly them across the world to the Alps by using DusuPay’s payment infrastructure to make it easy for them to choose you as we provide the most convenient way to pay in Africa.

e-Commerce & Online Stores

Selling goods online is no longer a new thing in Africa. A business running online looking for a way to make it easy for it’s customers to instantly pay using mobile money, visa and mastercard and bank transfers will find a reliable solution with DusuPay. Add a one click DusuPay button and instantly start collection payments.

Money Remittance & Crypto Currency Business

With millions of Africans living in the Diaspora, your business can can thrive by using our API. Our powerful easy to setup API is designed with a full understanding of how the African economy operates. Make it easy for people to send and receive money instantly by using DusuPay.
Crypto currency is quickly being adopted in Africa. As a crypto currency business owner, you cantake advantage of DusuPay’s adaptation of this technology and make it convenient for you to collect and payout in the African continent.


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