Introducing Dusupay Octopus

DusuPay Octopus was Built for Businesses that make pay outs to Africa. It enables money remittance and crypto currency companies pay out to mobile money wallets and bank accounts in over 10 African countries. It is a Game Changer in how global money remittance businesses are scaling across Africa. Contact Us to Know more.

on web

on web

Accept payments and make transactions in the comfort of your office, at home or internet cafe. Anywhere with access to a computer, you can use DusuPay.

on web

in app

Need more mobility? You can use DusuPay services simply by using the mobile application. All designed to ease your payments accross Africa.

on web

in store

Not having an ATM close by when shopping? You can use DusuPay on the move with your mobile wallet and point of sales accross the continent.

on web

in person

Make it even more easier by becoming your own ATM machine. Your mobile wallets helpyou receive payments without having to use any other process of payment.


Sell 84.7% more to clients in Africa


89.8% of businesses in UK, US, China and Most Global businesses trust DusuPay as their partner for payments from the continent