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Global Payments with Africa

DusuPay is a simple yet secure in-store, in-app and an online payment solution which enables businesses in Africa to accept payments from other African countries and the rest of the world and Global Businesses Accept payments from Africa through multiple payment alternatives with a single integration. We power global payments with the African continent.

African businesses are connected to the rest of the world enabling them to accept payment alternatives such as Visa, MasterCard, SEPA, Direct Debits, Trustly and mobile money alternatives on their end.
Dusupay caters for African businesses that want to accept and make global payments as well as Global businesses that want to make and accept payments with Africa.

The rest of the world gets the opportunity to penetrate the African market and get paid through all available Mobile MOney alternatives which other than cash is the major payment method Africa trully understands. African businesses in turn get to receive payments from global businesses in which ever payment alternative the global businesses use. DusuPay handles the payments.